Pick A Cowgirl Costume This Halloween

There is another option for good Halloween costumes, besides shelling out a great deal of your hard-earned money. You can make them! Now, I’m not talking about sewing or investing a lot of time–I’m talking about putting together some simple costumes out of common and inexpensive materials. You can even make this a family activity and have the kids help you make their own Halloween costumes.

The main exhibit going on right now is called To the Rescue! This is an original safety exhibit that helps kids learn what it’s like to be a rescue worker. They have the Lil’ Red Fire Truck #5 and the Rescue helicopter that come with costumes for kids to play in. You can also stop by the Fire Safety House to play a safety game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Another fun part to check out is the To the Rescue Med Center where kids can pretend to be paramedics and even practice giving first aid to their puppet “patients”. There are lots of cool toys to play with like sirens, stethoscopes, bandages and even life rafts!

Another suggestion utilizing a cardboard box is an X-ray machine. Paint a proper sized box white, cut an opening for legs and arms, paint a black rectangle on the front for the screen and the warning sign, ‘X-ray machine’. Place or paint a picture of a skeleton on the black rectangle. Dress completely in black to elevate the effect. For those making Halloween toddler costumes, outfits made from boxes could be used on a baby walker to support them.

If you already have the basic pirate outfit, all you need to do is to buy some accessories to complete your kid’s pirate costumes. You may want to buy some plastic cutlasses and some pirate pouches. These accessories are very cheap and can go a long way into completing kids pirate costumes.

This is a modified version, to allow the head to remain uncovered. Cut an opening out of the center of the sheet to allow your child’s head to poke through. Place the sheet over the child. Use a light washable marker to mark the bottom of the sheet where you will cut to prevent the sheet from dragging the ground. Have your child hold his or her arms up and out at the sides, then mark the sheet at the wrists. You will cut here as well so the child can us his or her hands. Remove the sheet. Cut the bottom in jagged edges. Cut out where the hands will come out. You can pin or sew the sides from the wrists down to prevent the clothing underneath from being seen, but leave enough opening for the hands.

Halloween is a traditional American festival celebrated every October 31. During this day, young and adults alike are busy preparing for their respective Halloween activities. Children are busy visiting every house tricking and treating and collecting sweets, candies and money, while adults are busy attending different types of Halloween parties.

I saw a ghoulish princess last year, all dapper and primped in her little dress and her tiara. From the back she looked like just another princess in the sea of little girl dreams. When she turned around, her hallowed out eyes and the fake blood that ran from her lips was quite convincing. The stuffed animal she carried with her had its guts sewn to the outside, to make it look like the little princess had a snack before her treats. Creepy? Yes. Imaginative? Absolutely. Harmful? Not a chance.