Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

The DJ or Rapper: Start with jeans, a black-t-shirt, runners and a few gold chains. Then gel the hair back. If you’re going for the rapper look, you want baggy jeans a few sizes too big and a baseball cap put on backwards. And if you’re going for the DJ look, make sure you’ve got earphones hanging around your neck.

Place the trash bag over the child’s head then cut away, on the sides, until it is more form-fitting. The bag shouldn’t be cut really close to the child’s body, causing the costume to be tight-fitting, but should be left slightly loose on the sides.

As times changed, the festival evolved along with it and every year different cultures from different countries celebrated the event with fun, mystery, flair and excitement. It becomes a perfect time to enjoy with friends, loved ones and family.

While everyone else is prancing around in costumes meant to frighten, your child (or you) can spread holiday cheer as one of the favorite Sesame Street Characters. This lovable character has blue fur and has a voracious, insatiable appetite, particularly for cookies, but can and will consume anything.

My son used this costume last year as a kindergartener and he was the talk of the school! This costume can be put together in just a few moments, provided you blow up the balloons ahead of time. Directions can be found here .

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These ideas are a lot of fun and very inexpensive. You should have tons of fun with your little trick or treaters. I know that you are going to make wonderful memories together as well. When your kids are grown they will still talk about all of the fun that you had making these homemade Halloween costumes.