National Costume Swap Day 2013: Find Cheap Halloween Costumes For Kids

What little girl doesn’t like to be pampered like a princess? With these few items from home your little girl will look like she just walked out of the most glorious spa. walked out half way through the spa treatment that is!

There are other costume pieces, besides the smock, that you can make with the trash bags. Use a small, white bag to make a chef’s hat, for example. Place the bag on the child’s head, then use tape to make the hat fit properly. Go around the head, making pleats in the bag, and using the tape to secure. Push the corners of the bag inward to make it more shapely. Use drawstring bags to make skirts for girls. Cut the excess bag off, at the knee, or even at the floor for small girls.

Well first of all you can dress your pumpkin as Annie Oakley with mini version of a classic cowgirl costume. Brown spotted vest with a skirt with fringes on sides – this will make your little one look like a true country diva. Or how about a pop-star country girl costume? Pink and white shirt with a frilly skirt and a hat and you can say goodbye to Jessica Simpson’s fame.

Once you’ve done this Angry birds costumes for kids, cut the cloth into the shape of the Angry bird that you want to be. Make sure that the cut shape fits your body perfectly. You can even use a newspaper as a pattern initially and then only cut the cloth once you’ve perfected the shape and size using the newspaper or pattern paper.

Make a car shape around the wheel chair with cardboard and paint it to mimic your child’s favorite race car driver. Let them dress the part complete with driving gloves and a helmet. If you are pushing your child, play the part as well and make tire screeching noises as you stop in front of each house on Halloween.

Knights who slay dragons can go trick-or-treating with your dragon. Dressing your children with the theme of dragons and knights is fun and can help to encourage a playful theme between your children for Halloween. With movies like Eragon becoming so popular, these costumes are going to increase in popularity.

Master Yoda is a perfect toddler costume! They are the perfect size! Make a little hut in the backyard and call it Dagobah. The two of you can learn the ways of the force by running, jumping, and learning to fence with a lightsaber. Just like Yoda, an Ewok or a Jawa are both perfect sized Star Wars characters for a toddler. They will love being any of these Star Wars characters as long as it goes along with dress up and play time!

What boy wouldn’t just love to be a vampire on Halloween? All that is needed for this costume is a set of Halloween make-up, which is inexpensive and even on Halloween is very easy to find at any Halloween or drug store. Theses sets often times haves guides in regards to how the make-up should be applied, many of them also include fake blood. You will then need vampire teeth, which can be found at most dollar stores. If there is one handy, the costume may be completed with a black bed sheet for the cape; however, this is not a necessity. A simple black jogging suit can be worn as well. Which will complete your quick vampire costume.