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The Things You Ought to Know About Salt Nic Juice

There are over 9 million adults in the United States that are classified as “regular vapers” thus, the vaping industry is continuing to create new products to cope up with the growing demand.

Salt nic juice is one example of those products. Salt nic juice, otherwise known as nicotine salts or salt vape juice is a type of vape juice that contains more nicotine compared to a classic e-juice.

Definition of Salt Nic Juice.

Salt vape juice is not literally a salty flavored e-juice. The salt that you put on your french fries is not the “salt” that is meant in a salt nic juice.

It pertains to the “salt” in terms of the chemistry definition. We will discuss first how we get nicotine so you will understand totally what we mean.

As you may know, nicotine is a drug that can be found in a tobacco plant. Whenever you smoke tobacco, the “buzz” that you feel is due to the nicotine.

Vape juice, on the other hand, is created by taking the nicotine from tobacco leaves and concentrating it in a liquid that can be used for vape. “Freebase nicotine” is the term used to pertain to the nicotine that was isolated from extraction.

On the other hand, the nicotine that is not isolated from the tobacco is known as salt. A chemical that is created because of a bond between something with a positive charge and something with a negative charge is salt.

Simply stated, salt nic juice is a vape juice containing a chemically altered nicotine and has more benefits to offer than a traditional vape juice.

The Differences Between “Regular” Freebase Nicotine and Salt Nic Juice.

1. Nicotine Is Absorbed In a Higher Rate. The added benzoic acid component makes you body absorb higher amount and more quickly the nicotine compared to freebase nicotine.

2. Tastes Less “Harsh”

With higher levels of nicotine, a harsh throat burn and taste is usually created because of the high alkalinity of freebase nicotine. You have to either endure unpleasant and harsh hits of high concentrated juices or you have to take many low concentration juice if you want stronger nicotine hits.

With salt vape juice, that is not the case. Sale vape juice has more acidity because of the added benzoic acid component. Even with high levels of nicotine like around 50 mg, the throat burn in salt nic juice is not as harsh.

Other Things You Should Keep In Mind.

You might be confused why more people opt to vape with a regular vape juice when there is a stronger, more efficient and cheaper juice existing.

You might be curious why more people use the regular vape juice when there exists a more efficient, stronger, and cheaper option. Although there are bountiful of benefits from using a salt vape juice, not everyone desires to take high doses of nicotine.

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