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What Are the Rules of The Amazing Race?

In the amazing race, there are some rules that are drafted and implemented to ensure that the game runs as expected. It is vital to make sure that you understand the rules of the game before you commence participating. Failure to do so can lead to penalization. The position that you finish at can be negatively affected in the case you are penalized by the service provider. There are numerous rules that are supposed to be followed in this kind of game. Before you get into the game, ensure that you understand these commonly known rules.

The first rule is about the distance you are required to keep while you are in the game. The distance from each team is supposed to be at least 20 feet. Otherwise the distance can be altered by the game manager depending on the game that you are playing. It is vital to ensure that you are near the sound and camera crew. Unless otherwise stated, any of the transportation team is supposed to accommodate the camera crew.

Participants of the game are prohibited from communicating with their friends, family, or acquittance. in some instances, you can be given one opportunity of calling them, but from there you should not contact them again. Circumstances where contacting home is necessary is when there has been an emergency. Emergency, for instance, includes when the health of one of the team member is deteriorating. The locals can provide you with the assistance unless otherwise stated. The local should help in the navigation, and you should make sure that they appear on the camera footage. It is essential that you understand the rules that relate to getting help from the locals.

One more rule related to the teams working together. Some circumstances may happen and force different competing team to work together. However, some situations does not allow team working together. For instance, a team cannot hinder the performance of another one. This was the rule even when the hindrance was not intended. Some of the things you should avoid is using the car that is assigned for the other team, alteration of the equipment for the other team, among other things.

While in the game, no one is supposed to have money or credit card with them. Also, they are prohibited from having books, guides, maps, GPS units, camera, and phones. Incase there is anything that the race management feels is necessary, they are going to provide with it. You will be assister on how you can borrow phones from the locals. You are allowed to trade or sell the things that you have acquired in the game.

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