What if your kid wants to go as somebody scary? Well, you could dress them up as Dracula, a clown, or a devil. Shopping malls also have Halloween masks and supplies which you could use to assemble the whole look. You could get plastic fangs, a colorful and bushy wig, or a fork if your child decides to go as any one of those.

The Mike Jordan Outfit: Dress them up like a famous athlete, movie star or famous positive role model that they admire. This is fun to do as a group, because then the kids can help and encourage each other. A group of motivated kids can do a great job of turning this into a successful event. Get each child to find a cool saying, quote or song lyric from the star written on their treat bag.

If there is more than one person wanting to dress up as the Cat in the Hat, then there is no problem. Recall in The Cat in the Hat Comes back that in order to clean up the pink mess caused by the Cat, he needed to employ an alphabet of “Little Cats” to return the house and snow to sparkling clean condition. This group Halloween costume idea is perfect for parents of little ones, since the little Cats got smaller in size as more and more alphabetical Little Cats were introduced in the story.

The favorite costume for kids